How Long Do Breast Implants Last?


A lot of women are not satisfied with their body. There is some part that they feel could look a little better with plastic surgery according to health insure coverage. For women with smaller breasts, one such procedure is getting breast implants in Thailand

If you are considering a breast implants procedure, you will likely have several questions at the back of your mind. You may wonder, how long will the breast implants last? Do the breast implants change as you age? How often should you replace them? It is absolutely normal to have such questions and your plastic surgeon should help you answer them before you finally decide to go for the procedure. 

How long do breast implants last?

A quick search online for this question and you will find different answers. All the answers could be true, though, as there are different factors that determine the durability and efficiency of breast implants.

Your lifestyle, the material used on your breast implants, your body’s response to the implants and the surgeon’s expertise all play a vital role in determining how long the implants will last.

When is the right time to replace them?

Different sources on the internet will give you different information on how often you can replace breast implants.  Some will actually say they can last a life time, and it could be true. Others would recommend you change them when they are leaking or damaged. And others say that you should plan for breast implant replacements at least twice or thrice in your life, despite the condition of your implants. So, which is true?

It will all depend on your body. How your body reacts to your breast implants will determine how frequently you can change your implants.  Although some breast implant manufacturers will claim that their products can last a lifetime, that happens in very rare cases. As a matter of fact, the FDA recommends that breast implants should be changed every 8-10years. This ensures the quality of the implants remains intact. You should never wait for your breast implants to start leaking or until they are damaged to replace them. 

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