Short Term Health Insurance


Short term health insurance is health insurance policies for short terms, these policies can be renewed for a total of 36 months. Short term insurance is usually used as a stop gap to getting regular health insurance. These short term policies can cover the same benefits as regular health insurance though many times they are not available to those who have a pre existing medical condition.

Short term insurance coverage is useful in situations when you are in a transient state. There are times when you start a new job and are not as yet confirmed to receive the full benefits that the job offers, including health insurance. Short term health insurance covers the waiting period. This type of medical coverage is also beneficial for the college graduate who needs health coverage and is applying for a job. Others who can benefit from this type of insurance are people waiting to receive full coverage, dependents who are going to be dropped from the policy due to their coming of age, people who have retired early and lost their coverage or anyone who is at a loss of health benefit for a temporary period.

The advantages of short term health insurance is that it is usually less expensive than regular coverage. The plans can usually be used with any doctor or hospital since there is no physician network associated with this type of insurance. This insurance is available immediately on completion of the necessary paper work. Preventive care may be covered if your policy states so. Certain transplants may also be covered by the policy. Spouse and children can be covered by these policies as also home health care.

Though short term health insurance has its advantages, this type of insurance also has some drawbacks. Short term health insurance usually do not cover you if you have a pre existent medical condition. The policies cannot be renewed after a certain period of time. Even reapplying does not guarantee that you will qualify for the policy. Short term health insurance policies normally do not cover dental or vision health. These plans also do not cover pregnancy or childbirth. In case you make a claim on this type of policy, you may not qualify for a renewal on the policy since your claim could be held as a pre-existing condition at the time of renewal. Short term insurance is normally not available if you are over 65 and also if you have been denied insurance at any time, you may not qualify for this type of insurance.